🎓 Curs certificat de Lash Inc

Duration: 3 days                                                                  Level: Beginner 

Price: 2300 RON (without kit)                       **Kit available upon request

Language: Romanian, English

Women have emphasized the beauty of their eyes since ancient Egyptian times, and it's no wonder that eyelash extensions have been one of the most booming businesses in recent years and getting stronger every year. Have you always wanted a change, but don't know what to choose? You've always have eyes on beauty and enjoy eye makeup, maybe eyelash extensions are for you.

Check out our Eyelash Extension basic course 1-3 D lash application. We designed our course as lively and fun as possible and lots of hands on practice to help you better sustain in lash artist industry.

What will you learn? 

  • Eyelash Extensions Anatomy
  • Benefit of Eyelash Extension
  • Eyelash Growth Cycle
  • Classic, Volume & Hybrid - What diameter to use
  • Type of Lashes - Pro & Cons of each type
  • Benefits of Flat Lashes and how to apply
  • Understand the Curls, Diameters & Lengths in Lash Extension
  • Adhesive - How to select your perfect adhesive & how to store them
  • Eyelash Tweezers - Hot to select and proper handling of lash tweezers
  • Eyes Shape -  What lash style to choose for varies eyes shape
  • Mapping - Natural, Squirrel, Cat Eyes, Barbie
  • Golden Rules in lash application - Distance, Direction, Placement
  • Mistakes to avoid & Wrapping Technique
  • Adhesive Dipping Method 
  • Micro Drop Method
  • Removing Excessive Adhesive correctly
  • Formation of Fans - 2-3D
  • One by One Technique
  • Recognize the width of Fans
  • Eyepatch Placement - Closed Eyes, Open Eyes
  • Step by Step Lash Application 
  • Lash Application - Where to start?
  • Removal and maintenance of eyelash extensions step by step
  • After Care Instruction
  • Creation of professional photos and videos
  • Promotion strategies
  • Case Study
  • Q & A - The Most Common Questions all lash artist may have

Bonus !!

  • Client Registration Form
  • Client Health Declaration Form
  • Patch Test Form

Our course consists of two parts: Theoretical and Practical

  • > 5 hours of useful theories
  • > 7 hrs practical exercise
  • > 10 hrs of working in 2 live model

Course Program

Day 1 (8hrs)
0900-1130  Teorie
1130-1230  Practice on sponge
1230-1300  Lunch Break
1300-1400  Teorie
1400-1730  Hands on Practice
Day 2 (8hrs)
0900-1000  Teorie
1000-1200  Practice of fan making
1200-1230  Lunch Break
1230-1630  Practice on live model (1-2D lash application)
1630-1730  Q & A
Day 3 ( 8hrs)
0900-1000  Teorie 
1000-1200  Practice 
1200-1230  Lunch Break
1230-1630  Practice on live model (2-3D lash application)
1630-1730  Q & A , Graduation

What will you get by the end of the course:

  • Diploma issues from Mooiio Lash
  • Unlimited post-course support
  • 15% discount for eyelash advance course/ lamination course
  • 15% discount for life on our website
  • Promotion of stylist on our website
  • Printed manual


  1. Payments can be made in Cash or Card at the Academy 
  2. Or via Online Bank Transfer
  3. Payment can be made in 2 installments - a deposit of 500 lei will be collected to reserve a place in the course and the difference will be paid on the first day of the course before the start.
  4. In case of no-show (or withdrawal 3 days before the start of the course) at the course for which an advance payment of 500 RON was made, considering the limited places and the impact on the study group, the advance of 500 RON remains paid with title of administrative fee and will not be reimbursed.
  5. In exceptional situations (for example, serious illness), you can ask for a full refund of the fee, provided you attach documents to prove your request.The ORGANIZER will make a decision on the refund on a case-by-case basis depending on the request and the related supporting documents.
  6. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to cancel any course if not enough participants have registered. In these situations we will refund the entire amount paid

Basic Kit Includes

1MOOIIO 216 lines  Lash Trays
3MOOIIO1 500 ml  Lash Shampoo 
4MOOIIO15 ml  Adhesive
5MOOIIO110 ml  Lash Bonder
10 Flower  Adhesive Support

  Lash Palate (lash tray support)
201 pair/ pack  Hydrogel Eyepatch
  Microsporous Tape
1100/ pack  Micro Brush
150/ pack  Mascara Brush
150/ pack  Lips Wand  

Cosma Raluca Maria
Cursanta Curs Baza Extensii de Gene 1-3D

Experiența mea trăită alături de tine la cursul de baza Extensii de gene 1D-3D este una minunata! Am acumulat foarte multe informații și mi-ai transmis micile tale secrete despre aplicarea genelor 🤭 Am reușit sa ma descurc singura in aplicarea unui set complet datorită ție și încurajările tale! Mulțumesc ! ❤️

Udvar Timea
cursanta curs de baza - extensii de gene

Recommend cu drag atât cursul cât și produsele. Pana sa termin cursul nu credeam ca pot avea atât de mult răbdare dar profesionalismul își spune cuvântul.

Gaspar Paula
Cursanta curs de extensii de gene 1-3D

Recomand din suflet! Pe langa ca este o persoana minunata, este si un trainer deosebit! In cadrul cursului am invatat foarte multe si mi-a oferit toata atentia si ajutorul de care am avut nevoie. Recomand cu toata încrederea!