Size: 15ml Color: Colorless Smell: Original - Lash Bonder can be use prior or post lash application to increase bonding. - It has the role of fully polymerizing the adhesive, reducing evaporation and increasing its retention. - It can be use on the natural lashes as well as lash extension.

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The Lash Bonder can be apply prior application as primer as well as apply at end of the lash application.

The Bonder can be use in lash extension to stop the lash glue travel up on the fans, it is a great tools to help in opening the fans and avoid close fans.

It has the role of fully polymerizing the adhesive, reduce evaporation hence ease the irritation for sensitive eyes.

In the case of people with oily skin, the sealing produced by Lash Bonder will have the effect of increasing retention.


  1. Ventilate the area immediately after application for approximately 1-2 minutes, 
  2. Dip Lash Bonder with micro-brush and apply a tiny amount at the base of the extensions, 
  3. Ventilate the area for another 1-2 minutes .

Storage/ Precaution:

  • The validity of the solution from opening is 6 months. 
  • We recommend storing the product in a vertical position, in a place protected from direct sun light.
  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

**Solution intended exclusively for professional use, by people certified in the application of eyelash extensions